CBD oil for seizure treatment in dogs will it help what is it

Those famous three letters, CBD, actually stand for cannabidiol. That is the second-most found ingredient in marijuana. However, usually, it’s not directly derived from marijuana plants. Instead, it comes from its cousin – hemp plant. Cannabidiol doesn’t contain THC, therefore it doesn’t cause any kind of euphoric feeling. It is not anymore only used in human medicine. Pet owners are beginning to provide it as a treatment for all kinds of ailments including seizure treatment in dogs.

Cannabidiol works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a series of receptors in the body involved in a wealth of important tasks, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory regulation;
  • Immune system function;
  • Appetite;
  • Mood;
  • Sleep patterns.

Possible Benefits of CBD for Dogs

The interest today in this wonder treatment is enormous! Everyone is talking about CBD oil, and there are countless articles on the internet depicting the many benefits it offers. According to the American Kennel Club, CBD oil might offer:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties;
  • Helps Alleviate Pain;
  • Help Control Seizures;
  • Cardiac Benefits;
  • Anti-Nausea;
  • Appetite Stimulation;
  • Anti-Anxiety Benefits;
  • Anti-Cancer Benefits.

Seizure Treatment in Dogs

Sadly, many dogs suffer from brain tumors when reaching an advanced age. Sometimes these tumors can be surgically removed, and other times they can be shrunk with either chemotherapy or radiation. In the end, no dog, owner or veterinarian wants to experience it. Moreover, as it often ends with eventual death.

Many owners resort to CBD oil as seizure treatment in dogs. By relieving and helping them deal with symptoms.

Since many seizures are the result of either cancer, tumors, or both, the benefits your dog can get are two-fold. There is a chance CBD is also treating any anxiety or discomfort while helping treat both conditions at the same time. Better yet, CBD is significantly less expensive than traditional seizure treatments and drugs. In fact, your pet’s appetite, which might be depressed as a result of the medical condition, could even improve!

Studies About CBD Oil for Uncontrolled Seizure Treatment in Dogs

studies about cbd oil for seizure treatment in dogs

Though there is no definitive proof CBD oil will help in this area, owners that use it often speak very highly of the results.

In an effort to gain more insight, the American Kennel Club sponsored a study as one of the most reputable breed registries on Earth. It was targeting CBD use with treatment-resistant epileptic dogs, through the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF)!

Sadly, many dogs that suffer from uncontrolled epilepsy (seizure disorders) are eventually put down. In order to end their continuous, untreatable suffering. This groundbreaking study can save the lives of countless dogs and improve them considerably! In case it ends up showing CBD is beneficial in treating these drastic disorders.

Though smaller, Colorado State University, the same university that is currently working with the AKC on the study above, ran a similar study from 2016-2017. Sixteen dogs participated, testing the short term effects of CBD on the frequency of seizures.

A whopping 89% of dogs who took CBD saw a reduction in seizures!

What Does It Mean?

Though these results are very exciting, only a very small number of dogs participated. Therefore the results from this specific study can’t accurately represent thousands of other dogs all over the world. We will have to wait for the AKC results to be published. They will cover a much larger group and will be much more accurate. The entire research study is expected to end less than a year from today, on November 30, 2020!

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

Before giving any kind of medical treatment to your pet, you should first carefully read dosage instructions on the container.

There are different factors that can affect dosage but in general 0.4mg of CBD per kilogram is recommended.

This means about 5mg for an 11 kg dog, and so on.

  • 75mg. the formula is 2.5mg. of CBD per ml. of oil
  • 150mg. the formula is 5mg. of CBD per ml. of oil
  • 300mg. the formula is 10mg. of CBD per ml. of oil
  • 600mg. the formula is 20mg. of CBD per ml. of oil

It’s always helpful to ask your veterinarian guidance about CBD oil for dogs!

Your vet can explain exactly how CBD might help, what to expect out of it, as well as the recommended dosage for your dog’s size and weight.

Conclusion: Does CBD Really Help Dogs With Seizures?

“There is a great deal of interest in the possible therapeutic effects of CBD, but there is very little evidence of efficacy.” According to Dr. J Hampton Atkinson. The co-director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at the University of California, San Diego (Live Science). 

In simpler terms, Dr. Atkinson is telling us interest in the ‘possible health benefits’ of CBD is pretty high. However, because of the lack of large, credible research studies, there is very little actual proof CBD offers real health benefits. The same is true for dogs as well as humans.

Once the seizure-related study conducted through the AKC and Colorado State University is finished, we will have a much better idea of how to answer this question! If the results are positive and judging from the earlier study they probably will, there will be more studies with other ailments to come!

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