Here are just a few of the reasons to choose stem cell therapy* is the best one out there.

For decades researchers have enforced stem cells as a way to treat animal injuries. Doctors are already using stem cells to treat people with leukemia and lymphoma. If you use stem cells for you, why not use them for your pet? The most common injury that pet owners treat with stem cells is joint injuries and arthritis in old and young animals.  There are many reasons to choose stem cell therapy and here is a couple of them below.


We follow a strict and approved Quality Control in compliance with European directives minimizing the risks of bacterial or viral contamination. Together with each stem cell product we also ship Quality Control certificate from third party laboratory.
Cells prepared according to protocol and following standards. (e.g. ISO9001:2008)


Treatment is around since 2004, so many studies and cases can be evaluated. We have had hundreds of cases our own, so we can be sure that using our product the results are there (~ 85-90 % success rate). Long-term regenerative effect of stem cells can be seen even after several months. Our protected technology and unique cell source make our product the best one in the market with more active growth factors needed for the regenerative effect.


Other therapies result in long waiting times and the formation of scar tissue, that makes the patient prone to repeated injury. Our stem cell therapy prevents the formation of scar tissue, stimulating and supporting the body to repair the damaged area with cells similar to the original tissue. We get up to 3 times faster healing and first improvements can be seen just after 2 weeks.
Hundreds of animals have returned to the previous level and exceeded their owner’s expectations – and that is the biggest reasons to choose stem cell therapy


We can not measure the value of cured and happy animal, but we have gone huge steps ahead for the treatment to become more and more affordable to any customer. Our Allogenic (from Donor) stem cell therapy is more cost effective than Autologous treatment and gives the same effects. Combined with the long-term anti-inflammatory effect, our stem cell products also is more cost & time effective than other conventional treatments.


Our regular treatment option contains 10 millions of sterile allogenic mesenchymal tissue cells aseptically packaged into our innovation: ready-to-use syringe or vial (cryotube). It can be easily kept in the freezer (-20C or -80C) until you needed it. When the injury appears, just thaw the frozen product and it is ready to be injected using the US guidance. This can be easily done in the clinic as well as on the field (for horse).


Our highly experienced team with R&D knowledge is capable of developing specific products for each situation. It can be any animal or any effect you want to achieve. Starting from everyday injuries up to custom immunomodulation treatments for maximum performance when you need it.
We succeed together with our clients!
*Disclaimer: Medrego Cell products are not classified as medicinal products** or a veterinary drug. Medrego Cell products contain unmodified sterile animal mesenchymal tissue cells only for transplantation in animals. The product is made on a specific doctor’s demand/order.
** Definition of a veterinary medicinal product in the European Union can be found in Article 2 of Directive 2004/28/EC, an amendment of Directive 2001/82/EC relating to veterinary medicinal products.