Black Balance by Medrego

Horse Gut Health Improved = Overall Wellbeing Improved

Black Balance by Medrego Supplement – The Missing Ingredient For Your Horse’s Gut Health

Equines are more sensitive to diet changes than any other animals.
Inappropriate nutrition can lead to various stomach health problems, which impacts their well-being and performance. Things like products high in sugar can cause several problems starting from immune system disorders to allergic reactions. At the same time, overeating and poor-quality feed can expose horses to the risk of digestive problems. We are here to support these challenges.

Statistics show that 90% of racehorses, 50% of foals, and 37-66% of sport and leisure horses are suffering from digestive health issues, like, gastric ulcers. 

Ready to Improve Your Horse's Gut Health?

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Symptoms of Horse Stomach and Gut Health Problems

Excessive drooling
Vomiting or regurgitation
Loss of appetite
Abdominal pain and bloating
Straining to defecate

Black Balance by Medrego Supplement – Horse Feed for Stomach And Gut Health

Black Balance by Medrego is a very potent prebiotic that promotes the vitality of beneficial microbes and improves intestinal well-being for horses.

Improves work of the stomach and intestinal microbiome.
Improves absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.
Removes heavy metals and free radicals out of the body.
Black Balance by Medrego for Horses and Ponies

How to Use Black Balance Gut Health Supplement?

Black Balance by Medrego for Horses and Ponies

For horses – 3 cookies a day during meals (1 cookie per meal)

For ponies – 2 cookies a day during meals (1 cookie per meal)

Ready to Improve Your Horse's Gut Health?

Click Buy Now and Start Your Horse’s Gut Health Recovery Today.

Scientific Validation of Black Balance by Medrego Gut Health Prebiotic

The product is being tested for prophylaxis and treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome by veterinarians from Equine Clinic of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

Scientifically approved results:

Results show significant improvement and even complete healing of squamous and glandular stomach ulcers after a 3 month trial period.
Use of the product has also shown prophylactic properties since new lesions were not observed in horses that were subjected to traveling and competition stress during the trial period.
In addition, horses were reported to become less stressful and resistant during everyday work and competitions.
Black Balance by Medrego for Horses and Ponies

Blood tests done before and after the use of the product showed no adverse effects and no clinical adverse effects have been noted so far.

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