Black Balance by Medrego

Innovative Supplements For Better Digestive Care For Your Dog & Horse

Digestive disorders are a common problem for domestic animals. They can not only make them feel uncomfortable but also trigger an emergency.
Often, both the cause and the solution is food. 

Symptoms of Stomach Problems

Just like humans, animals have a growing problem with intestinal and stomach problems such as gastritis, colic, ulcers, and others. They can be noticed by the following symptoms:

Rumbling stomach
Diarrhea or constipation
Lack of appetite
Weight loss

Black Balance by Medrego – Animal Feed for Stomach Health

Black Balance by Medrego is a very potent prebiotic that promotes the vitality of beneficial microbes and improves intestinal well-being.

The product fulfills 3 important functions:

Improves work of the stomach and intestinal microbiome.
Improves absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.
Removes heavy metals and free radicals out of the body.


dog prebiotic feed


horse prebiotic feed

Natural & Healthy Animal Nutrition 

Black Balance by Medrego

Black Balance by Medrego has been developed to balance the intestinal microbiome as close to its natural state as possible. 

In their natural habitat, animals are provided with humus and fulvic acids through water and food, however, domestic animals only have access to food from which this acid compound is almost completely absent.

Inside Black Balance

Black Balance by Medrego

The product is created by using the Hufulac nutritional supplement developed and patented for humans.

Birch and Chaga extract containing humic extract substance (25% humic and 75% fulvic acid);
Potato fibre;
Potato starch;
Oat flakes.

The product is made from lignophenol obtained from birch wood and add the Chaga mushroom to the product to enhance the fulvic acid content of the product.

From wood, we get the purest lignophenol, wood stores lignin which contains all the vital substances that wood needs against free radicals to maintain cells, such as the gamma rays of the sun, etc.

Black Balance by Medrego

Fulvic Acid’s Benefits

Strengthen the immune system

(Jingrong Chen et al, jiangxi humic acid, 2 (1984)).

May stop ulcerous colon infections
Lessens free radical damage

(Fitoterapia, Volume LXVI, No 4, 1995, pg. 328.).

May reduce pain

(Yuan, Shenyuan; et al; Application of Fulvic acid and its derivatives in the fields of agriculture and medicine; First Edition: June 1993).

Humic Acid’s Benefits

Enhances sleep

(Bingwen Su, Jiangxi Humic Acid, 3 (1985)).

May help in cancer therapy
May help with thyroid tumors

(He, Shenyi, et al; Humic acid in Jiangxi Province, 1 (1982)).

Contributes to the prevention of viruses
Reverses eye diseases

(Related to Viruses): (Guofan, Tang, Jiangxi Humic Acid, 3 (1984).

Scientific Validation

Fulvic acid can act as an immune modulator, influence the redox state, and potentially affect gut health. Fulvic acid is shown to decrease proinflammatory markers but also activate the immune system to kill bacteria. It is shown to reduce oxidative stress and even induce apoptosis in hepatic cancer lines. Fulvic acid is shown to also influence the microbiome and possibly improve gut function.

Fulvic acid has been studied for its various clinical benefits including Anti-inflammatory, Astringent, Anti-oxidant, Anti-allergic and Anti-microbial properties which makes it a useful option in the management of inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Humic acids have a profound effect on healthy colonic microbiome and may be potentially interesting substances for the development of drugs that control the innate colonic microbiome.

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