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Three years ago the parents of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Arko noticed strange changes in his behavior. Being only one and a half years old, Corgi started to develop joint arthritis. In the following years, the disease progressed so far that it significantly changed his life.  

Since the beginning, Corgis have genetically mutated legs. Which at first might sound worse than it actually is. Meaning just cute, short legs. However, because of the short legs and long body Corgis often develop problems. Including back issues, nerve damage, hip dysplasia, even eye problems, heart defects, obesity, arthritis, and others. These conditions negatively affect a dog’s physical ability and emotional condition.

Corgi Dog Recovery From Arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative disease in dogs. It is mainly characterized by an activation of inflammatory processes at a molecular level, ultimately leading to a gradual deterioration of the cartilage. When cartilage – the natural cushioning surface on both ends of bones – wears away, bones start to rub against each other.

Because of arthritis, Arko felt horrific pain that came along with lameness, swellings, stiffness, and overall discomfort. Although Corgi tried his best he couldn’t keep up with his family. Therefore, owners tried to help their arthritic dogs with medications and supplements. Unfortunately, none of these things made reasonable changes to Corgi’s s condition. Only wasted time and resources. 

Meanwhile, there was a buzz going around about a new solution for dogs, which some people have been using for decades – Canine Stem Cell Therapy. After researching about best available products, the owners decided to try Medrego CaniCell Stem Cell Therapy.

After 6 months, Arko was able to run how much and fast he wants without pain and any other problem.

Owners approve that Stem Cell Therapy is a much quicker, impactful and cost-effective solution. It turned out to be a more profitable and effective than a one-year-long drug course.

CaniCell Stem Cell Treatment for Corgi Arthritis

Medrego CaniCell Product

Medrego is the leading producer of regenerative medicine solutions in the region. Our CaniCell Stem Cell Therapy has successfully treated more than 500 animals around the world with common health problems.

CaniCell has up to 90% success rate regarding soft tissue injury treatment and up to 85% success rate for arthritis treatment.

Thanks to the high efficiency the first results can be seen after a few weeks. Moreover, stem cells maintain their positive impact for up to 3 years.

Additionally, this treatment is more available because of the price and delivery process. We use our patentable technology and company know-how to offer more affordable and effective solutions.

How Does Dog Stem Cell Therapy Work: Corgi Arthritis Success Case Explained

Often there are miscomprehensions about how Stem Cell Therapy works. Firstly these cells are naturally occurring and living in the body. They are able to do that because of their ability to regenerate damaged tissues. 

According to studies everyday stem cells work to help maintain a stable state of the tissue and the whole organism.

Sometimes there are places in a dog’s body where stem cells need reinforcements. It can be ensured with additional stem cell injection. They can be derived either from your pet (Autologous Therapy) or a young, healthy, and strong donor dog (Allogeneic Therapy). Although both are similarly effective, it’s recommended to use donor cells because they can lead to a more slightly effective result, it’s cheaper, takes less time, and is easier.

Within a simple injection procedure, Stem Cell Therapy for dogs provides additional cells to the damaged areas. Afterward, they move deep down into the problematic place and regenerate tissues that have been damaged because of dog arthritis or other problems. Thereby, Stem Cell Therapy helps to prevent pain, movement intolerance, stiffness, swelling, and other negative consequences. 

Conclusion of Corgi Arthritis Stem Cell Success Case

In order to avoid dog arthritis, you need to take appropriate care of your dog from an early age! The right diet, bedding, exercise, and other daily things can be crucial to a dog’s health and well-being!

When it is noticeable that these things are not enough to help your dog you must find a more advanced solution. It is important to choose the most effective as soon as possible to avoid the progression of a problem.

If you are looking for advice and a solution to end your dog’s suffering contact us! Medrego’s experienced team is ready to answer your questions about your dog, health problems, and ways of how Stem Cell Therapy can help your dog!

The Medrego team always suggests consulting a qualified veterinarian for personalized Golden Retriever advice.

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