Immunomodulation For Horses – Intravenous Treatment For Performance Boost

Health and wellbeing crucially depend on the immune system and its ability to react to negative irritants.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are proven to modulate immune responses. They recruit local autologous Stem Cells inside injured tissues to stimulate cell survival and tissue repair. This process is known as immunomodulation for animals.

MSCs are ideal for relieving disorders that cause signs of tissue aging such as muscle disorders, myocardial infarction, arthritis, and rheumatism.

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EquiCell Stem Cell Therapy contains 10 million of sterile  equine mesenchymal tissue cells with all of their positive characteristics and effectiveness.

Cryopreserved Stem Cells from young and healthy donor horses applied intravenously (IV – straight substance injection into a vein) provide therapy that boosts the immune system, energy and performance levels, and improves damaged tissue structure.

Intravenous (IV) Stem Cell treatment is used for better recovery after surgeries and injuries, as well as overall health improvement. This treatment can also help to boost energy levels and preclude the signs of aging.

There are several equine autoimmune pathologies for which Stem Cell Therapy are interesting, including equine recurrent uveitis. More details about Medrego EquiCell Stem Cell Therapy can be found in the General Horse section and Veterinarian section.

Custom solutions for racehorses (endurance, flat race, showjumping) are available to use the maximum capability of the horsepower with a natural energy boost.

How To Proceed And Order?

How To Proceed And Order
How To Proceed And Order
How To Proceed And Order
How To Proceed And Order

1. Veterinarian consultation.

Visit your veterinarian to ensure that Stem Cell Therapy is suitable for a particular case. Veterinarians will decide whether to use autologous or allogeneic Stem Cells.

If your veterinarian is not aware of such treatment options as stem cell therapy, we will be happy to assist him and explain more about the opportunities he is missing out. For most popular horse injuries Stem Cells do appear to be the most effective treatment option available.

2. Ordering Stem Cell Therapy.

Veterinarian or Horse owner can easily order the EquiCell therapy over the phone, email or order form and it will be delivered to your desired clinic on dry ice within 24-48 hours. A veterinarian can also easily store the treatment doses in a regular freezer (-20C ) for future use or upcoming cases.

3. Performing the Stem Cell Therapy. 

A veterinarian will perform a Stem Cell Therapy, that includes local short-term anesthesia and simple Stem Cell injection guided by ultrasound.

In the case of intravenous (IV) injection for overall improvements and performance boost it will be even easier, just a simple injection in the neck (bloodstream).

4. Recovery and observation.

After the procedure, follow veterinarian instructions and see how your horse recovers and thrives. The first healing results can already be seen after 2 weeks, and complete recovery takes 3-6 months.

Benefits Of Using Stem Cell Therapy For Immunomodulation

In the case of Allogeneic therapy, it is a non-invasive procedure for your horse to obtain mesenchymal Stem Cells (no risk of infection).
In the case of Allogeneic therapy, healthy young donor-derived cells used for any EquiCell preparation.
Decreased inflammation processes in the body and pain for the horse.
Highly homogenous equine mesenchymal cell population obtained due to proprietary cell sourcing and preparation technology.
Immediate availability of cells for transplantation. The dose can be stored in a freezer.
Cost-effective solution. We work hard to make Stem Cell Therapy affordable and accessible.
Studies have shown overall health benefits for IV Stem Cell Injections as well performance boost (better endurance, better lap times for racehorses).

Disclaimer: Stem Cell Therapy For Immunomodulation in animals is still a new area and many more researches are being done to validate the positive effects of such treatment.

Medrego EquiCell is not a medicinal product* or a veterinary drug. Medrego EquiCell contains unmodified sterile animal mesenchymal tissue cells only for transplantation in horses/dogs/cats. The product is made for a specific doctor’s order.

* Definition of a veterinary medicinal product in the European Union can be found in Article 2 of Directive 2004/28/EC, an amendment of Directive 2001/82/EC relating to veterinary medicinal products.

Reviews From A Horse Owners and Veterinarians After Using Stem Cell Therapy

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