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Have you ever given your dog CBD oil? This is something your dog needs to try out. CBD oil for dogs is specially produced to help dogs live a less stressful life which often comes along with other problems as you may know from your own negative experience with heart diseases and other problems.

Imagine a life of less anxiety, pain or discomfort for your dog. All that and more is what CBD oil for dogs can provide you. Organic solutions always deliver the best results.

While CBD oil for humans can be used for dogs, CBD oil for dogs is more suitable as it specially formulated for dogs.

Does your dog suffer from chronic pain or anxiety? What do you do when drugs don’t work anymore? I guess you are tired of feeling helpless in such situations. In this article, we will talking about all you need to know about CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol a compound found in cannabis. CBD oil is rather special as it provides an effective solution to many medical conditions faced by both dogs and humans.

So, what is CBD oil for dogs? Is it just as effective?

CBD oil for dogs is just as effective, the only difference is that it is specially formulated to be administered to dogs in a dosage.

How Does CBD Work?

As we mentioned earlier, there are several Cannabinoid compounds, CBD is one of them is known as Cannabidiol.

Cannabinoids interact with the body through what is called the endocannabinoid system. Let’s not bore you with these details.

The amazing thing is that humans and dogs alike both have this endocannabinoid system that helps them to process cannabinoids. This explains why CBD oil has a similar effect on humans and dogs.

Will CBD Oil Make My Dog High?

Dog CBD oil benefits, canine stem cell therapy, medrego, dog arthritis

Let’s get the important questions out of the way. So you may be a bit skeptical about using CBD oil because you think your dog might get high. This is understandable. Let’s throw more light on this topic.

Although CBD oil is an extract of cannabis and hemp, THC which causes psychoactivity can also be found in cannabis. THC is the same compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.

Your dog won’t get high using CBD oil because CBD oil is processed to contain very low THC or none at all. Your dog will only feel relaxed without being intoxicated.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Nobody wants to get their dog high, as it may lead to damage of property or even more pain from injuries.

Is CBD and CBD Oil Legal?

As we have made it clear already, CBD cannot make you or your dog high. This almost makes it legal for use. Why “almost”? You may ask. Well, research is still ongoing on the attributes of this natural solution. The essence is to understand it’s full capability in terms of solving health issues and it’s possible side effects.

Can CBD Oil Increase My Dog’s Appetite?

Has your dog been eating less? Have you tried out different options only to see little or no change? Well, you aren’t totally out of options yet.

CBD oil for dogs can be an amazing solution. CBD oil can help relax and restore your dog to its normal eating habit. Do you want to improve your dog’s appetite? Here’s your chance to make it happen.

How to Choose the Right CBD Oil for My Dog?

Types of cbd oil for dogs, stem cell therapy canine, canicell, medrego

Like everything else, there are fake CBD oil products in the market. You already have your dogs comfort to pursue, let’s take away the worry of finding the right product.

How do we know the right one to buy? There are a few guidelines that can be followed. These guidelines will help streamline your search and save time.

We will help you identify and buy the best products that will give you the best results.

  • Go for organic products only:

It is very important that you make sure the product is 100% organic. Why? Inorganic products usually contain pesticides of fungicides that can be very harmful to your dog. Organic products are usually free of these harmful substances, this makes them more effective.

  • Don’t price shop:

It’s best to buy a CBD oil with and adequate CBD than a cheap one with less purity and CBD. In most cases, the bigger the price the higher the quality. Go for products with good quality.

  • Get the analysis:

Make sure to read analysis provided by the product manufacturer. This will help you understand the product composition in one glance. The amount of CBD oil a product contains is usually contained in this analysis.

These parameters will give you more time to find and enjoy the comfort of using this product on your dog.

What Types of CBD Products are Available?

CBD oil for dogs can be produced in different forms to fit your dogs interest. Its availability in different forms allows your dog to enjoy the pleasure of using CBD oil in different forms.

  • Dog Treats:

Don’t dogs just love treats? We consider this the easiest way to give your dog CBD in many cases. To make it even easier and fun for your dogs, they come in various shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors.

  • Topicals:

Is your dog suffering from a skin reaction? We got just what you need. You guessed right, CBD oil also comes in the form of topical creams. Dogs suffering from rashes, skin allergies or even arthritis can finally get relief.

  • Capsules:

If capsules suit your preference, CBD oil also comes in this form. No worries, they are shaped like every other medication, but of course, offer unique benefits. If your dog can’t take them directly, you could hide it in their feed.

  • Tinctures:

These can be referred to as CBD oil in a dropper bottle, they are considered the purest of all CBD oil products.

The dropper bottle allows you to give your dog the oil directly under his tongue.

This mode of administering is considered to be more effective than others. These products help you give your dog an accurate dosage.

Overall, tinctures, work more effectively and quickly. This will ensure that your dog gets faster relief and recovery.

How to Administer CBD Oil to Dog?

cbd oil dosage for dogs, stem cell treatment, canicell, medrego

We have gone through a lot of details. Now that you know what CBD oil is, how it can help your dog and the various products it presents itself in.

Giving your dog products isn’t always as easy as it seems. Not every product exactly takes time to give detailed instructions on how to administer this solution to your dog.

  • Treats:

A lot of treats come with a specific dosage, which makes them even easier to administer. Treats are loved by dogs so you don’t need to worry much about how to give them to your dog.

  • Topicals:

To get the most out of topicals, you need to get the cream in contact with your dog’s skin. Rubbing it on your dog’s fur won’t give you the results you need. If you don’t want your hand to make contact with the infected areas of your dog’s skin, you could use a glove.

  • Capsules:

Capsules may be a bit hard to administer especially if your dog is picky. As earlier mentioned, you could either hide it in your dog feed or add it to a mixture.   

CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage

Every dog needs a specific dosage in order to ensure that CBD oil delivers desired result. Getting an accurate dosage is no easy task, but with appropriate guidelines, you should be up and running. Below are some important parameters used to determine your dog’s CBD oil dosage.

  • Dog’s Size;
  • CBD Product;
  • Therapeutic vs. Medicinal.

To prevent overdose, you need to take into account the above-listed parameters to determine CBD oil dosage. Your dog’s size has a lot to do with the amount of CBD oil he or she can take. A small dog is apportioned a small dosage, while a bigger dog is given a significantly higher dosage.

As we already know, CBD oil comes in the form of treats, capsules, etc. These different products have different dosage requirements specific to the product type. Just the same way treats are taken differently from capsules.

Finally, the amount of CBD oil given to a dog is highly dependent on the sickness or pain that needs to be treated. Minor pain can be treated with a small dosage while chronic pain or sickness are treated with a bigger dosage.

Can My Dog Take Other Medications With CBD Oil?

What if your dog has to take some other medications alongside CBD oil? Your first action should be to discuss your situation with your vet. In rare cases, some medications may give negative side effects when used with CBD oil. Knowing if your dog’s other medications are comparable with CBD can affect the overall well being of your dog.

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