Most Effective Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs That Treat Arthritis

More than 50% of dogs during their lifetime suffer from arthritis, which is one of the 5 most painful conditions for dogs!

Arthritis in dоgѕ is not a соnditiоn that can be соmрlеtеlу сurеd with current solutions.

Stem Cell Therapy is the option that gives you the biggest chance of successful outcome and no damage at all to the dog’s body, usually caused by painkillers.  

The innovative technology of Stem Cell Therapy, which uses unspecified cells from the dog’s body, has the potential to help dogs heal better than ever before.

Most Effective Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs That Treat Arthritis

Medrego offers CaniCell Stem Cell Therapy for treating arthritis and osteoarthritis injuries!

How Stem Cell Therapy Works?

Stem cell therapy for animal treatment

Stem Cell Therapy allows to isolate Stem Cells from either your pet (autologous Stem Cell Therapy) or another animal of the same species (allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy).

Therapy can help to deal with pain and might also stop the progression of the disease or condition.

It’s a simple injection procedure. The cells move to inflamed or damaged tissue, suppress inflammation, relieve pain, and cause new tissue to grow.

Our dog Stem Cells are adult multipotent Stem Cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and are able to regenerate tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon and muscle.

If your dog has arthritis Stem Cells can reduce pain (inflammation), can help regenerate new cartilage cells and thereby can help to eliminate the problem.

These cells reduce scar tissue formation. They exert trophic, immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects and activate the body’s own Stem Cells, modulating the local environment and thereby stimulating tissue regeneration.

Arthritis In Dogs

A dog’s joints in its body are cushioned with an lауеr оf cartilage which acts аѕ a ѕhосk-аbѕоrbеr between the joints. It аlѕо provides a ѕurfасе ѕо that the adjoining bоnеѕ can move easily оvеr еасh оthеr. The sуnоviаl fluid provides lubriсаtiоn that help this process.

Arthritis causes the cartilage to wear аwау and become rough.

Sometimes bоnеѕ start to rub against each other. Thе ѕуnоviаl fluid starts lоѕing itѕ lubricating properties. Chаngеѕ like these in dogs increase friсtiоn between thе joints and cause pain.


stem cell therapy for dogs

Arthritis usually appears gradually and slowly worsens over time. Therefore, it is important to notice symptoms of dog arthritis in time.

  • These changes may оссur along with аbnоrmаl аlignmеnt оf bоnеѕ thаt mаkе uр a jоint, as well as with hiр dysplasia (a genetic diѕеаѕе whеrе thеrе iѕ аbnоrmаl ѕhаllоwnеѕѕ of the joint ѕосkеt), or with some trаumа, aging, аnd соntinuаl wеаr аnd tеаr оn thе jоint structures.
  • Dogs that аrе overweight get аrthritiѕ at a еаrliеr аgе аnd mоrе severely, as thе jоintѕ muѕt саrrу a grеаtеr load than they should.
  • Arthritis due to aging is a very common problem afflicting more than 70% of dogs. It can аlѕо occur in a joint with no obvious саuѕе.
  • Arthritis may affect any number of jоintѕ. Although every joint is equally prone to it, thе most соmmоnly affected ones аrе those on hip, knее, shoulder, elbow and the spine.

Sometimes there are very breed-specific problems in dogs. For example, Newfoundlands have the highest prevalence of ligament disease of all breeds. Rottweilers have more of knee and ankle problems and Bernese Mountain dogs commonly get elbow dysplasia.

How To Proceed And Order?

How To Proceed And Order
How To Proceed And Order
How To Proceed And Order
How To Proceed And Order

1. Veterinarian consultation.

Visit your veterinarian to ensure that Stem Cell Therapy is suitable for a particular case. Veterinarians will decide whether to use autologous or allogeneic Stem Cells.

If your veterinarian is not aware of such treatment options as stem cell therapy, we will be happy to assist him and explain more about the opportunities he is missing out. For most popular horse injuries Stem Cells do appear to be the most effective treatment option available.

2. Ordering Stem Cell Therapy.

Veterinarian or Dog owner can easily order the CaniCell therapy over the phone, email or order form and it will be delivered to your desired clinic on dry ice within 24-48 hours. A veterinarian can also easily store the treatment doses in a regular freezer (-20C ) for future use or upcoming cases.

3. Performing the Stem Cell Therapy. 

A veterinarian will perform a Stem Cell Therapy, that includes local short-term anesthesia and simple Stem Cell injection guided by ultrasound.

In the case of intravenous (IV) injection for overall improvements and performance boost, it will be even easier, just a simple injection in the bloodstream.

4. Recovery and observation.

After the procedure, follow veterinarian instructions and see how your dog recovers and thrives. The complete recovery takes 3-6 months, but the first effect can be already seen earlier.

Benefits Of Using Stem Cell Therapy

Medrego CaniCell therapy offers the following advantages:

In the case of Allogeneic therapy, it is a non-invasive procedure for your dog to obtain a mesenchymal Stem Cells (no risk of infection).
In the case of Allogeneic therapy, healthy young donor-derived cells used for any CaniCell preparation.
Decreased inflammation processes and pain for the dog. Improved mobility for a dog (decreased limping).
Highly homogenous dog mesenchymal cell population obtained due to proprietary cell sourcing and preparation technology.
Immediate availability of cells for transplantation. The dose can be stored in a freezer.
Long-term regeneration effect and first results can be seen after a few weeks.
High, up to 88% success rate for our clients and up to 90% less repeated injuries for tissue damage.
In the case of tissue damage, no scar tissue formed in the injury place if treatment applied timely. Good effects can be seen also for chronic injuries.
Cost-effective solution. We work hard to make Stem Cell Therapy affordable and accessible.

Disclaimer: Medrego CaniCell is not a medicinal product* or a veterinary drug. Medrego CaniCell contains unmodified sterile animal mesenchymal tissue cells only for transplantation in horses/dogs/cats. The product is made for a specific doctor’s order.

* Definition of a veterinary medicinal product in the European Union can be found in Article 2 of Directive 2004/28/EC, an amendment of Directive 2001/82/EC relating to veterinary medicinal products.

Reviews From A Dog Owners and Veterinarians After Using Stem Cell Therapy


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