About Us

Medrego is a leading producer of regenerative medicine solutions in the region.

We consult and do research on cell therapy and advanced therapy medicinal products.

Personal Story Behind Medrego

Argo was a family dog for years.

His trust, love, and joy accompany all our memories. Despite his unstoppable vigor from an early age within the time, his legs couldn’t keep up with his energy. Assuming it is a sign of age we let days fly by till it turned into limping and liming into an inability to walk.

Heartbroken we decided to let him go in peaceful sleep.

Only later we understood that Argo had arthritis – a degenerative disease that is faced by every fifth dog. It seemed odd that there is no effective solution to such a common disease.

We decided to dig deeper to find out how to prevent this problem and save other dogs from suffering.

Together with experienced team members in veterinary medicine and biotechnology – we came up to a solution which people were using for decades. Adding an innovative twist, we created – animal CaniCell product for dogs and EquiCell product for horses. Which now have successfully saved more than 500 animals around the world.

Personal story behind Medrego

About Medrego

Medrego is a multi-profile company targeting the area of Life Sciences and Biotechnology.

One of our main pillars is an improvement in the condition of animals with regenerative solutions, such as Stem Cell Therapy. Our areas of expertise in this field are recovery after injuries, improvement of performance (energy boost) and productivity increase.

Our innovative biotech company.

In our laboratory, we develop Stem Cell treatments, gene therapy and other custom solutions for human’s best friends: Dogs, Horses, Cats, and Camels. We can capability to treat any animal you care about, also the world’s rarest species like a white lion or snow leopard.

We are capable of becoming your trusted partner for Contract manufacturing and Testing services. Outsource to us your allogeneic and autologous cell therapy medicinal product development and in-vitro testing services.

Most popular treatments.

We have great experience in the most popular Horse and Dog injury types. Our Medrego EquiCell product works great for tendon and ligament injuries for horses, and our Medrego CaniCell has a high success rate for osteoarthritis, arthritis, and dysplasia injuries for dogs. We are also using Stem Cells for compassionate use, like, immunomodulation purposes to improve the weakest part of animal health, as well as a successful recovery after surgeries.

We constantly follow the latest medicine trends and cell innovations from the human area and apply them to animals to offer our partners the treatment of the future. Research and development is an essential part of our work. We use our unique technology and company know-how to offer more effective treatments.

Our expertise.

Medrego team is an expert in allogeneic and autologous cell therapy medicinal product development, full in-vitro testing services, and contract manufacturing.

Our team has gained more than 15 years of continues experience in stem cell treatments. Using our knowledge and laboratory equipment we can work privately on developing custom solutions for your needs, to improve your animal performance, boost energy and let them become even better!

We ship our products Worldwide. We are also opened for any kind of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Our core values:

Innovation in our approach 100%
Safety for our customers 100%
Highest quality of our products 100%
Trust in good 100%

Our vision!

Our vision is to become the leading Biotech company in Europe and disrupt the regenerative market
by offering affordable Stem Cell treatments to anyone.


Janis Ancans Medrego Chief Scientist
Chief scientist

PhD, Dr.biol. Janis Ancans

Scientific team leader. Responsible for R&D, new product development. The author of many publications. Worked in European Medical Agency. Great experience with stem cells.

Advisor, Researcher

M.Sc. Martins Boroduskis

Researcher and Senior expert. Research activities in the field of human and animal cell biology, improvement of the therapeutic potential of cell therapies.

Advisor / Business

Mr. Normunds Daudiss

Master in business management. Responsible for strategic concept, business growth & export market management.

Nauris-Laizans_stem cell horses

Dr. Nauris Laizans

Our team Equine veterinarian. Specializing in Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery. Has been treating horses with stem cells since 2013.


PhD, Dr.med.vet. Agris Ilgazs

Our team Canine expert. Specialized in such activities as surgery and orthopedics. More than 20 years field experience.


Dr. Ugis Skangals

Dog owner and our team Canine expert. Passionate about stem cell treatments.

Marketing manager and Copywriter
Content and Marketing Manager

Ms. Elga Berke

Business, Content and Marketing manager. Professional and creative copywriting, translations and on-line marketing activities. Master of the word.

Product Development Consultant

Mr. Elvijs Treifelds

Product strategy and design expert. A creative personality helping us towards new markets.

Modern state-of-art Laboratory

Our Laboratory

We have several locations in Europe where you can meet us, but our main laboratory is located in Northern Europe, within beautiful surroundings in the city of Riga, Latvia. The modern laboratory has the highest safety profile and we do our work following ISO 9001 quality standards and EU regulations.

The highly skilled staff is taking care of everyday activities. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary to innovate, store and deliver high class stem cells products.