Stem Cell Contract Manufacturing

Are you looking for a trusted technology partner in Europe to develop your solution?

Why not outsource these services and let the Medrego research team do the work? We have a track record in allogeneic and autologous cell therapy medicinal product development and in-vitro testing services.

We provide Cell Isolation & Cell Culture, Quality Control, Processing services (filling, packaging, labeling), Proper Storage services, and more.

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Stem Cell Quality Control Solutions

Are you looking for a trusted partner in Europe to manage your product quality control?

We provide material testing, cell quality analysis, cell characterization, and stability study. We also advise and choose relevant quality criteria for research and regulatory compliance.

Medrego Research – Cell Culture Solutions

Are you looking for a trusted partner in Europe to work on your cell culture solutions?

We believe that the quality and integrity of cells are the basis of any successful cell therapy solution. Whether you are engaged in R&D or biotechnology production, we offer reliable and flexible cell culture services.

We have more than 15 years of experience with adherent and non-adherent cell lines including isolation and expansion of primary cells from different human, animal, and plant tissues.

Medrego Research And Manufacturing of Stem cells