Animals Stem Cell Therapy for veterinarians

Addressing the growing demand from the veterinarians in Europe, Medrego is spreading the knowledge about Animal Stem Cell Therapy. In order to make a bigger difference, we are educating veterinarians in the most populated dog and horse markets: France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. As adaption to every new thing asks time we shorten it by speaking in your language!

Medrego launches informative page about Animal Stem Cell Therapy for veterinarians in four more languages – French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Professional and scientifically approved guidance through all the important aspects. Starting from the essence of Stem Cell Therapy and how it works to types, use cases, restrictions, safety, and benefits. Go ahead and choose your language:

About Medrego

Medrego is the leading producer of regenerative medicine solutions in the region. We provide Stem Cell Therapy for dogs and horses. Overall it is a novel, universal solution for common and widespread health problems. It helps to prevent health issues, their progression, and recurrence. As well as negative consequences like pain and movement intolerance. Additionally, it ensures faster, more effective and long-lasting results than other treatments.

Furthermore, Medrego’s experienced team and business development partner is open to provide you a phone consultation about Stem Cell Therapy, cooperation opportunities, and benefits. Book a consultation now!

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