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We are delighted to announce that thanks to the Stem Cell Therapy our patient Hilton DC experienced an incredible recovery from serious injury.

His journey was appreciated with the nomination for the “Inspiration of the Year Award” within the “Irish Sports Horse Industry Awards 2019”.

This story will make you understand how vulnerable your horse is. And what are the options to help him. If your horse faces a similar situation.

Suspensory ligament injury

Jessica Stallard, the owner of Hilton tells, “He came to Danville from Portugal last year after having some time off to become fit.”

“While he was working his legs began to puff up and became sore. Worried about his health I got his legs scanned by a veterinarian. Afterward, they revealed high levels of damage and scarring on both of his front suspensory ligaments. Because they were sustained during his jumping career abroad before his time off.”

A suspensory ligament injury in horses can limit their exercise and reduce their quality of life.

According to Jessica, the injury was so serious that Hilton needed to end his career. Moreover, as treatment asked too much time and money, the owner decided that the horse was factory bound.

After all, she came to the conclusion, “I can’t allow such a beautiful horse to have this horrific fate.” Therefore, she gathered money to buy Hilton back from the meat factory.

How Medrego Stem Cell Therapy saved the horse

Jessica shares that, “Luckily veterinarians Oscar Mazzerallo and Ricardo Sanchez got in touch with Medrego, which provided allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy.”

Stem Cell Therapy is a natural regenerative medicine that helps the body heal itself with a little help from modern technology.

Medrego Equicell product contains adipose tissue cells from another, young, and healthy donor animal. It means high-quality cells with maximum safety profile.

A veterinarian injects Stem Cells into the diseased area. Then they move to the inflamed or damaged tissue and suppress the inflammation. As a result, they relieve pain and cause new tissue to grow.

Thereby, therapy prevents specific damages and injury recurrence, improves a horse’s health and overall well-being.

According to Jessica, “After careful rehab from Stem Cell Therapy, Hilton is now 100% recovered and jumping 1.35-meter-high courses.”

“Hilton was not only saved from death but also received a second chance in his career. He now lives a happy and playful life and loves his job. Overall Hilton and I are proof that sometimes a rescue horse is worth taking a gamble on.”

Also, both of the experienced veterinarians’ Oscar Mazzerallo and Ricardo Sanchez were very pleased with successful results.

Medrego EquiCell Stem Cell Therapy has up to 90% high success rate.

The first results in treating suspensory ligament injury can be seen already after two weeks.

If you are interested to find out more information about Medrego Stem Cell Therapy products for horse Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, or tendon, ligament, joint, or cartilage injury treatment contact us.

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