Do joint supplements for dogs really work?

Finding the best joint supplements for your dog is not simple. It will require a trial and error approach. The efficacy of any supplement is affected by dosage, frequency, therapy length, and other factors. However, just as with us, humans, every dog is different so the effect of using supplements that your dog will have will vary from dog to dog.

There are three main types of joint supplements for dogs.

  1. Preventative supplements that aim to keep joints healthy and strong to minimize the chance of joint disease development.
  2. Therapy supplements aim towards preventing the damage from spreading further.
  3. Nourishing supplements that boost your dog’s immune system and provide better healing properties to continue building healthy joints.

Many studies have been carried out to understand the effects that joint supplements have on dog’s joints. However, you must keep in mind that just as with our own supplements, dog supplements as well can vary with their quality and concentration. This can affect the way these supplements will work. In general, dog supplements work, but their effects are not lasting. Thus, you can’t discontinue using them for them to work.

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