Black Balance | Horse Gut Health Supplement | Medrego (3 months supply)

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Black Balance is a high-quality supplement for horses, developed from natural ingredients with a positive impact on horse digestive health.


  • Lignosulphonate (derived from birch chaga and wood, containing 25% humic and 75% fulvic acid);
  • Water;
  • Rye bran;
  • Rye flour;
  • Oat flakes;
  • Sugar

Analytical Components:

  • Fiber 4.6%
  • Ash 2.4%
  • Protein 2.34%
  • Calcium 0.5%
  • Phosphorus 0.25%
  • Sodium 0.2%
  • Fat 0.09%
  • Polyphenols 1890 mg / 100g

How to use:

The product is intended for horses of all breeds and sizes. 

3 months’ supply contains 3 packages: 3*90 = 270 cookies.

  • The daily dose for horses – 3 cookies a day during meals, 1 cookie per meal;
  • The daily dose for a pony – 2 cookies a day during meals, 1 cookie per meal;


Closed packaging at room temperature, out of reach of children.
Expiration: See packaging, 12 months after manufacturing.

Additional information


3 months (9 packs)

2 reviews for Black Balance | Horse Gut Health Supplement | Medrego (3 months supply)

  1. Nauris

    Great overall health and wellbeing improvement. Horse is more calm and ready to perform much better. Highly recommended supplement.

  2. Dana Laizane

    Study done: The effect of Black Balance (BB) has been tested on equine gastric ulcer syndrome, both
    epithelial and glandular stomach ulcers. BB was administered at a dosage 1 piece 3x a day.
    Horses were examined on day 0 and at least 2 more times depending on each individual
    horse’s competition schedule, between 30 and 90 days after the initiation of use of BB.

    Effects observed / not observed in several horses after the use of BB:
    • Improved appetite in horses who were “picky” before;
    • Nervous, oversensitive horses became calmer;
    • Improved physical condition and hair-coat;
    • Reduced eating of sand and faeces;
    • Abdomen less sensitive to palpation;
    • Improved squamous and glandular lining of the stomach. Healing of the squamous
    and glandular ulcers.

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