Medreo partnership Exceed Equine USA

Exceed Equine, in partnership with Medrego, will develop best practice protocols after stem cell treatment utilizing the latest in diagnostic, therapy, and training equipment in the US.

New partnership and new market expansion for Medrego

Exceed Equine, an advanced equine research and rehabilitation facility has partnered with Medrego, an international leader of regenerative medicine solutions, to determine best practice protocols following stem cell treatment for a variety of ailments affecting equine performance horses.

“Though the use of stem cell therapy is becoming more widely accepted, the follow-up protocols (healing, rehabilitation, and training techniques to help bring the animal back to a high-performance level) are still fairly vague and inconsistent, leading to sub-par results and additional costs for the owners,” says CEO of Exceed Equine, Mike Calderone.

“A successful process begins with the ability to interact with the horse every step of the way after treatment, utilizing advanced objective techniques and avoiding subjective mistakes. At Exceed Equine, we have the right infrastructure and mindset for a project like this.”

“There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to rehabilitating a horse with a severe injury,” continues Calderone, “such as, is the injury actually healing, where are we in the healing process, what type of rehabilitation is best suited, when should training begin let alone be intensified, what is the right diet, should that diet be modified during the recovery process, and finally, is the horse mentally prepared? All these factors will determine not only the level of success but the speed of recovery, and the long-term outlook for avoiding a recurrence of the same injury.”

“Working with Medrego and with their Equicell treatment is important for Exceed Equine because their company has boasted a high level of success with their autologous and allogeneic stem cell treatments for horses,” says Calderone.

“The combination of quality stem cells in conjunction with the right after-care program should only increase the level of success for equine athletes.”

“We were impressed here at Medrego when we saw the holistic approach at Exceed Equine and the number of innovations in use to make data-driven decisions about the most effective rehabilitation for each individual horse,” says Medrego board member Normunds Daudiss. “Such an approach is a win-win situation for horse owners and solution providers.”

In addition, the partnership paves the foundation for an exclusive long-term distribution agreement in the United States.

About Michael Calderone & Exceed Equine

Founder and CEO of Exceed Equine, Michael Calderone has spent 30 years in the horseracing industry including CMO for the largest racetrack operator in North America. Exceed Equine uses sensor-driven technology and AI analytics to avoid subjective decisions with performance horses. This is in conjunction with the latest in analysis, rehabilitation, and training tools to enhance performance and longevity, adding substantial value to these animals while increasing the likelihood of a productive second career after primary service.

About Medrego

Medrego, a biotechnology company and leading producer of regenerative medicine solutions, is headquartered in Latvia, with representative offices across Europe and the Middle East. Medrego currently specializes in treatments for horses, dogs, and camels. Its vision is to become the leading Biotech company in Europe and disrupt the regenerative market by offering affordable stem cell treatments to anyone.

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