orthopedic dog beds can help dogs with arthritis

When it comes to dog arthritis, it can sadly be an unavoidable fact of life in many cases. That being said, there really is one treatment that stands above all of the others. Make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible in his or her favorite environments! 

  • Manage balanced physical activities for senior dog’s joints. It is important to keep them active but not overload them;
  • Ease or limit pressure to aching, sore, or damaged joints;
  • Ensure your pet maintains a healthy weight;
  • Provide orthopedic dog beds.

Difference Between Orthopedic Dog Bed and Regular Dog Bed

difference between orthopedic dog bed and regular dog bed

Dog beds need to be specifically designed to offer the necessary support for bones, muscles, and joints. In order to help alleviate pain or discomfort and prevent their causes as arthritis and dysplasia in the first place.

Orthopedic dog beds are specifically designed to adapt your dog’s body and provide maximum support for joints, muscles, and bones.

These beds are composed of an outside cloth layer, a bottom layer of resistant foam, and (the true ingredient) at least four inches of memory foam. Thereby, orthopedic beds adapt to a dog’s body, evenly spreading the weight and relieving stress.

Meanwhile, non-orthopedic beds tend to consist of cheaper, less qualitative materials that don’t fulfill necessary support. The list includes recycled foam chips, ‘egg crate foam’, cedar chips, cotton, or polyester filling, and others.

This kind of fillings can settle or separate, thereby creating a floor-through-the-bed feeling, which means your dog isn’t getting enough support. In fact, this is what can increase the risk of health issues.

Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds

After you’ve limited your dog’s physical activity (running/jumping), which would add pressure to these inflamed joints, orthopedic dog beds both help provide lasting comfort and remove as much pressure as possible to the injured or inflamed joints. Orthopedic dog beds: 

  • Create extra support for the spine, muscles, & joints;
  • Are designed to focus on extra support, over regular dog beds;
  • Will often last much longer than regular dog beds;
  • Distribute dog’s weight evenly, for added support;
  • Increase overall comfort, promoting a healthy rest;
  • Improved, deeper sleep with a greater chance of REM, meaning greater healing.

What is Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis means ‘inflammation of the joints. Whether it be dog arthritis or human or livestock, the principle is the same. This inflammation is usually either caused by cartilage deterioration (cushion between joints), or ligament injuries.

Dog arthritis is a very common condition among both elderly dogs and humans alike, causing textbook symptoms like:

  • Joint Pain;
  • Discomfort;
  • Stiffness;
  • Limping or trembling;
  • Trouble climbing stairs, jumping;
  • Decreased activity.

Also, hip dysplasia is a very common disorder among larger breeds, which often results in arthritic joints.

What Can Cause Dog Arthritis?

lameness in dogs, what lameness mean medrego stem cell therapy

Ligament Injury: Ligaments are a type of connective tissue that helps attach one bone to the articulating bone. If a ligament is damaged, it can make that connection become unstable, eventually affecting the articulating surfaces of bones. This can lead to any number of problems that will cause a dog’s joints to become inflamed (swollen), and lead to pain.

Cartilage issues: A layer of cartilage rests between any two bone surfaces, providing a cushion and allowing the two surfaces to glide over one another smoothly. If there is a problem with this cartilage, the surfaces might not articulate smoothly, causing pain and discomfort. 

Arthritis is often simply a natural result of aging. Like cataracts (thinking of the ‘lens’ in the eye), this will affect most dogs that live to an advanced age, just like humans. Joints endure impact over impact as time goes on, and the body’s healing abilities will lessen as the years progress. Your pet may endure several minor injuries over the years, many of which you might never notice. 

Orthopedic dog beds are extremely important for an elderly dog with dog arthritis, not only limiting further injury by allowing time for your dog’s joints to heal but giving much-desired comfort to an aching body. Your pup can’t help the discomfort he feels, but you can certainly go a long way toward relief!

However, orthopedic dog beds are very important for younger dogs as well. Just because your dog doesn’t have symptoms of health problems it can be only a matter of time. With these beds, you can ensure support for healthy joint and bone development and reduce the risk of arthritis.

In Conclusion: Orthopedic Dog Beds

In order to avoid arthritis, you need to take appropriate care of your dog from an early age! The right diet, bedding, exercise, and other daily things can be crucial to a dog’s health and well-being! Including orthopedic dog beds. Not only will an orthopedic dog bed help limit the discomfort of dog arthritis, but it will also allow your dog’s joints time to heal.

The Medrego team always suggests consulting a qualified veterinarian for personalized advice.

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