Orthopedic Dog Beds for Proper Dog Health Management

We gathered industry experts, veterinarians, and fashion designers to manufacture probably the best dog bed in the world!

Therapeutic effect, highest quality materials, unique design, organic and easy-to-care dog beds for your dog at any age.

What Are Medrego Orthopedic Dog Beds?

Support system for your dog’s body, built from mattress and memory foam that adapts to your dog’s shape, evenly spreading the weight and relieving pressure from joints and bones, that causes body deformities, and further health problems.

Why Choose Medrego Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Reduce the risk of health problems in the future

If your pup doesn’t show any signs of health problems it can be only a matter of time. These beds ensure support for healthy joint and bone development and reduce the risk of arthritis, dysplasia, muscle and bone disorders, and other health issues.

Improve physical and mental health

In case your dog already is suffering from these problems, orthopedic beds help to reduce discomfort and pain that comes along them. They ensure necessary comfort after surgeries and improve blood flow to damaged tissues which promotes better and faster healing! Their increased growth hormone promotes better physical healing, improves psychological and mental health.

Ease the pain and create comfort for your senior dog

For your senior friend, well managed and healthy sleep is a key to comfort and mobility throughout the day.

Benefits of Medrego Orthopedic Dog Beds

Easy care

Easily removable and machine washable materials, that can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Veterinarian designed

Developed in collaboration with veterinarians based on their medical knowledge.

Elegant interior object

Created together with experienced interior designers to suit different interiors.

Oeko-Tex certificate

Guarantee risk management, legal conformity, consumer and environmental protection.

Organic and safe

Do not contain any harmful chemicals, toxic and allergic ingredients.


Created from waterproof, dirt, mechanical and scratch resistant fabric.

Choose The Best Bed for Your Dog:

Medrego Lux Corner Lounge

Designed of a quilted vegan leather top cover with a non-woven fabric for the bottom creating soothing and cooling feeling. This bed is filled with flat memory foam at the base and shredded memory foam inside the arms. Memory foam does an excellent job by adapting to your dog’s body and providing ultimate comfort and joint stress relief. It is easy to keep clean with a simple damp cloth.

Medrego Heaven Sofa

Created of very durable and long-lasting fabric on top of memory foam that completely adapts to your dog’s body and provides full comfort and joint stress relief.

What Is an Orthopedic Dog Bed Made Of

Viscoelastic – foam responsible for your best friends comfort. It has the ability to adapt to your dog’s body, reduce any tension or pressure, bring relief and prevent any joint or back pain. 

Lyocel/Tencel – sponge foam derived from wood elastic fibers absorbs moisture and gets rid of odor causing bacteria and ensuring hygiene to protect everyone from illness.

Synthetic – clean foam that can be machine washed without losing its properties and deforming under the pressure of your pet’s weight. 

How Orthopedic Beds Differs From Others?

Filling Quality


Thick and durable filling that doesn’t lose shape. Made out of at least one layer of therapeutic memory foam on top and high quality  support foam beneath.


Consists of thin fabrics and cheap fillers such as chopped foam, cedar chips, cotton, polyester or similar. Which speeds up the off-gassing process and therefore doesn’t work effectively.



Provides maximum support by adapting to your dog’s body.


Poorly designed filling can settle or separate, thereby creating a floor-through-the-bed feeling, not ensuring enough support and relieving pressure.



Approved by certificates from a third party.


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