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Black Balance by Medrego Prebiotics is the new solution for dog and horse digestive health. Although the product is new to the market it already has many successful cases, positive feedback, and recommendations on top of promising scientific research.

Appetite, Weight Gain, and Overall Condition Improvements

You might be surprised, that Black Balance supplements actually have also helped the horses of Olympic showjumping rider, Kristaps Neretnieks.

According to the Olympic rider, he fed his horses with different feed supplements – vitamins, minerals, and oils. However, horses ate reluctantly, for a long time, and very slowly, thus creating difficulties to ensure an appropriate intake of food. Encouraged by the problem, he applied his horses for a study, where veterinarians from Equus Anima performed stomach tests before and after horses used Black Balance supplements.

Improvements during gastroscopy were evident after two months of using Black Balance.

Moreover, already after the first month of using Black Balance, the appetite of both horses noticeably improved.

Both horses quickly emptied their troughs without leaving anything, and most importantly, their condition and appearance noticeably improved.

According to the owner, the Grand Prix horse Go For It B is the brightest example of the impact of a product. He is quite nervous sensitive and easy to scare, therefore all of this reflects on his abdomen, which is why his digestion needs a support system. Black Balance supplements have ensured necessary support and improved the work of the stomach.

Another horse owner shares a similar experience: “From last year’s spring we have been struggling to gain weight, but now with Black Balance it looks promising.” These images were taken before and after a two-month course of Black Balance supplements showing visible weight gain improvement.

Dealing With Allergies, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Bowel Movement Problems

Teija, the owner of German Shepard, shares that her dog was suffering from allergies and inflammatory bowel disease for three years. However, after eating Black Balance supplements for two months dog’s stomach condition has improved for a long time now.

The owner of Becky shares a similar experience. According to her, Becky’s digestion and bowel movement has significantly improved since the product was added to her diet. There is a big difference between how it was before the use of Black Balance and how it is now.

Rumbling Abdomen and Bowel Movement Problems

Last fall the horse owner from Finland noticed symptoms of stomach problems in his mare. Some of the signs were a rumbling stomach, liquid manure, and excess water in it. According to the owner, he tried everything from brewer’s yeast to other stomach-enhancement products.

However, after deciding to try Black Balance he noticed a clear change in manure only after two days.

Improvement in the Healing of Squamous and Glandular Stomach Ulcers in Horses

Right now, a veterinarian group from Equine Clinic of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies is carrying out research about how Black Balance is impacting horses. The focus of the research is to test the prevention and treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome.

The results so far show remarkable improvements in the healing of squamous and glandular stomach ulcers that have been observed in tested horses after a three-month period.

In addition, researchers observed preventive features. Although horses often experience stress in such cases as traveling and competitions, while they were using Black Balance supplements new damages were not observed on the stomach mucosa.

The tests are going to continue and hopefully bring new positive and reliable results. Stay tuned.

If you are looking for more information and tips regarding dog and horse digestion health, visit our blog. Also, feel free to contact us if you have questions about Black Balance by Medrego prebiotics and your pet. If you want to help your friend with Black Balance supplements by Medrego visit our shop.

The Medrego team always suggests consulting a qualified veterinarian for personalized advice.

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