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Have you noticed any unusual behavior from your dog recently? Maybe he moves slower than he used to or doesn’t seem to want to jump and play like he once did. Is he reluctant to rise in the morning, or no longer wants to go for those lengthy walks?

Arthritis is sadly a very common fact of life for older dogs, along with other age-related injuries. Specifically designed for older dogs suffering from joint issues, orthopedic dog beds offer a simple yet very effective nighttime solution! 

  • Support aching joints
  • Perfectly remove weight and pressure, allowing injuries to heal
  • Provide a more comfortable night’s rest

Can an Orthopedic Dog Bed Help my Younger Dog?

orthopedic dog bed for young dogs puppies medrego

Orthopedic dog beds might be designed for older dogs, but the simple fact is they are the best dog beds on the market, for any age. Thanks to that one special material, memory foam, this type of bed will offer the most comfort for your little one!

Let’s assume your dog is younger, not presenting any outward signs of trauma, pain, or discomfort. The American Pet Product Association claims:

9/10 dogs that live to 10 years and older will develop joint-related discomfort eventually.

So why not treat the problem better before it happens? Offering an orthopedic dog bed at an early stage will remove unnecessary pressure and allow minor injuries or trauma to heal at an improved rate, preventing arthritic related degenerative issues later on. 

Dogs in Sports, Agility, & Other Competition

orthopedic bed for sport dogs

Competitive dogs must endure an increased level of physical activity; it’s a simple fact of their daily life. From running to jumping and even sprinting, these dogs are performing at their best! Unfortunately, this also means frequent and greater impacts between joints, an increased chance of ligament tears (sprains), or other forms of damage. 

An orthopedic dog bed is especially important for these dogs!

Treat the problems you know will arise at an early stage, so they don’t become worse later on. 

What Makes an Orthopedic Dog Bed Special?

Orthopedic dog beds are designed specifically to offer special support for your dog’s joints. These beds are composed of an outside cloth layer, a bottom layer of resistant foam, and (the true ingredient) at least four inches of memory foam.

memory foam dog bed, canine arthritis, medrego

Memory Foam

Designed by NASA in the 1960s, memory foam was first meant to be used in airplane seats! Thanks to a substance called ‘viscoelastic’, memory foam is highly energy- absorbent while maintaining that wondrous softness. 

Responding to both heat and pressure (the pressure and body heat of a living creature).

Memory foam will conform to fit whatever is resting upon it. Once the object is removed, it will return to the original shape it was made for.

Today, memory foam is the gold standard, found nearly everywhere! From couch cushions, pillows, and human mattresses to seats and nearly any other comfort-related application you can think of, memory foam is there. 

What can Memory Foam Do for Your Dog?

Memory foam is already used in many different forms designed for human use, but the same applications will work for your dog! Since it responds to body heat as well as pressure, the memory foam in an orthopedic dog bed will better conform to your dog’s body, offering softer support for those aching joints. A memory foam dog bed will offer great sleep for dogs of all ages!

Best Night’s Rest

Since arthritis is a fact of life for most older dogs, you can imagine your dog is probably going to get it in some form. While you can limit physically stressful activity during the day, rest is important for any injury to heal. 

While your dog enters REM sleep, his body will produce much more GH, a hormone our bodies create that relates to growth and tissue repair. By offering the best possible rest he can get, you’ll increase the chances this occurring more frequently. 

  • Increase REM sleep
  • Produce more Growth Hormone
  • Remove pressure from aching joints
  • Enhanced blood flow

Increased comfort while sleeping means a better rest and more sleep.

This means more Growth Hormone produced, better physical healing, and improved psychological/mental health.

These things will result in a happier dog, always at his best!

Enhanced Blood Flow

Removing pressure from certain points (arterial) in the body, whether it be a human or a dog, allows for better blood flow. Increasing nutrient-rich blood flow to damaged tissues will promote better, faster healing! We’re talking about a faster recovery time-frame, with reduced discomfort. 

Make Sure it’s an Orthopedic Dog Bed

orthopedic dog beds real vs fake memory foam

Believe it or not, many orthopedic dog beds aren’t in fact orthopedic at all, but just marketed this way to increase attraction. Many are built from recycled foam chips or even inferior products like ‘egg crate foam’!

These products are inferior, not worth the expense, and should be avoided.

If quality memory foam isn’t an ingredient in your dog bed, it isn’t orthopedic.

Avoid claims like ‘orthopedic foam’, or ‘cot-like’ beds.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Dog Bed

You already know to look for at least four inches of memory foam. Always check the ratings or recommendations. How many DVM’s recommended this product? Do the ratings seem sincere, and how many negative ratings are there? What other types of fabrics are used? How long is the warranty for, if there is a warranty offered?

Don’t waste hard-earned money on an inferior product. Locating the best product is not going to require too much time out of any busy schedule. Always provide your little furry loved ones with the best experience they can get!

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