EMA approval first stem cell solution for Horses

First ever Stem cell solution for Horses to get EMA approval

The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use has recommended marketing authorization for stem cell-based medicine.

Vets could soon be in possession of a new weapon against equine lameness after the first allogeneic stem cell-based medicine was given the green light by the European Medicines
Agency (EMA).

The EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) recommended marketing authorization for the first veterinary stem cell-based medicine in the EU on 21 June, developed by a Belgium biotech company “GTS”. Its opinion will be sent to the European Commission for a decision on an EU-wide marketing authorization. These types of medicines have the potential to provide new treatment strategies, the CVMP said.

The product in question is a veterinary medicine indicated for the reduction of mild to moderate lameness linked to joint inflammation in horses. Available as a suspension for injection and given as a single injection into the affected joint, it contains a type of stem cell obtained from equine blood.

The stem cells in the medicine are treated so they develop towards cartilage cells that can assist in repairing damaged cartilage in the joint. This expands the range of available treatments for lameness in horses, the CVMP said.


Horses with the lameness of the fetlock joint that were treated with the medicine as part of a field study showed a statistically significant improvement compared with a placebo control group
six weeks after treatment, with the positive effect of treatment being sustained over one year, the CVMP explained in a statement.

In veterinary medicine, stem cell treatment popularity continues to grow. And no wonder – with such great regenerative abilities and clinical results, the use of stem cell treatments is still considered as one of the best horse tendon, ligament, joint, and cartilage injury treatment ways. And, with more and more studies confirming the efficiency of stem cell-based medicine, they also are becoming more available. And so is our Medrego EquiCell therapy for horses.

We are here to educate and help Veterinarians to understand more about this future opportunity. The possibilities are endless, but the market is adopting the most common tendon, ligament, and joint solutions first.

If your horse has suffered a tendon or ligament injury or is in need of cartilage and joint repair, Medrego can help you. Using our EquiCell allogeneic stem cell therapy for horses, we have improved quality of life and returned to work hundreds of horses suffering from lameness.
Contact us, and we will tell you more about how exactly our stem cell therapy can help in improving your horse’s health condition.

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