CaniCell Stem Cell Therapy

Dogs stand up for us through good and bad times. Unfortunately, these pure souls can face some rough situations too when it comes to health problems. Their caused pain, swollenness, deformations, stiffness, weight gain or appetite loss, as well as movement intolerance, can negatively impact not only a dog’s physical ability but also emotional condition.

Over 70% of dogs in their lifetime can suffer from soft tissue and joint problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, tendon, and ligament injuries.

Usually, they occur because of age, weight gain, genetics, injury and other reasons. When your dog has a health issue it’s definitely the time when you need to be there for your friend and provide support. Medrego is here to help you both navigate through the problems and solutions to achieve the best results!

Dog Stem Cell Therapy

There are many ways how to treat dog arthritis and other health issues, like drug courses, surgeries, and supplements. But they don’t fully provide the desired result.  Meaning, they can either prevent only pain or in the best case other symptoms but even so it’s not going to last.

Meanwhile, Medrego CaniCell Stem Cell Therapy with up to 85%-90% success rate can help to prevent negative consequences including the most common ones as pain and lameness. Moreover, stem cells maintain their positive impact for up to 3 years!

One Stem Cell Therapy injection is as good as a one-month drug course.

We use our patented technology and company know-how to offer more effective treatments. Single Medrego Stem Cell Therapy injection with its high efficiency and affordable price can save your money and time in the long term better than other solutions in the market.

However, it’s still recommended to use other treatment options in addition to Stem Cell Therapy. For example, right bedding, compresses, massages, exercises, appropriate diet, oils including CBD oil and others. In order to help to deal with negative consequences before the therapy as well as after it to promote a better recovery process.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work

Medrego Infographic Animal Allogeneic Stem Cell Treatment How it works explainer Allogenic

Stem Cells are derived from healthy, young, and powerful donor dogs by a professional veterinarian.

Afterward, they are prepared in our laboratory by experts with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Under the highest quality and safety controls.

When you or your vet order therapy it’s delivered to the clinic. The veterinarian puts a dog under anesthesia and injects cells into the injured area.

Stem Cells have the ability to regenerate damaged tissue and therefore help to bring back your dog’s health and well being.

The treatment effect can be seen already after a few weeks!


We constantly follow the latest medical trends and cell innovations and apply them to animal medicine to get the treatment of the future.

Medrego Stem Cell Therapy has successfully treated hundreds of animals. If you are considering CaniCell treatment feel free to contact us. Our experts are ready to consult you about Medrego products as well as your dog’s specific problem just book a FREE consultation.

Give your dog its joyful life back!

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