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Arthritis in dogs is a condition that affects about 20% of dogs by the time they are a year old. And about 80% of dogs by the time they reach eight years of age. Unfortunately, it’s true—arthritis doesn’t only affect older dogs. If you notice your dog wobbling around without any reason, there is a chance it may be affected by this. In order to treat your dog successfully, you might need some valid tips.

Arthritis is a degenerative disorder that causes a lot of pain and inhibits mobility.

It leads to a decreased quality of life because it limits your dog’s movement. Arthritis can affect a dog in the very early stages of life, yet the symptoms may not be visible until later.

While arthritis can’t be completely cured, there are natural remedies that can help maintain a dog’s quality of life and, in some cases, stop the progression of the disease with the help of Stem Cell Therapies.

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Dog Arthritis Natural Remedy Treatment – Tips to Improve Dogs Health

While there is no permanent cure or permanent dog arthritis natural remedy, you can help prolong a good quality of life for your dog suffering from arthritis by taking care of him with these dog arthritis natural remedy tips, there are actually many natural remedies for dog arthritis, as well as effective regenerative therapies based on Stem Cells.

So, what can I give my dog for arthritis pain?

   1. Improve the Quality of Bedding

Give a well-padded bed to your dog, away from cold and damp drafts. As well if possible, add ramps so that your dog can easily get into and out of his bed. Also, try to opt for non-skid flooring, wherever possible.

   2. Massage and Warm Compress

Give your dog a good body massage every once in a while to help stimulate blood flow. You can also apply a warm compress over sore joints. Thereby, heat will help relieve aching joints. Use a hot water bottle or blanket for best results, but make sure the compress you are giving is not too hot—you don’t want them to get burned!

   3. Exercise Your Dog

Allow your dog to exercise moderately every day to keep muscles active. However, be careful not to stress them too much. Over-exercising can lead to pain, whereas too little will make the arthritic condition of your dog worse. You can judge from the way they interact and move after exercise.

For arthritic dogs, you can begin with a slow warm-up, like a low-impact short walk. Gradually, allow them to move a bit faster once they’ve warmed up for a minute or two.

Other popular exercise choices include swimming, leash walking, short hikes (go for trails with low inclines), and little indoor play sessions. After all, you want your pet to be happy and in shape. The idea is to help them with mobility, not tire them out.

In addition, you can also start by giving them natural food products and supplements, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. for arthritis treatment.

   4. Give the Right Diet to Your Dog

Keep in mind that nutrition plays a very important role when it comes to maintaining the quality of life for your dog. Especially when they’re struggling with arthritis.

Certain foods like grains, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes are known to increase arthritis-related inflammation. On the other hand, foods like celery, alfalfa sprouts, apple cider vinegar (raw organic with the mother of vinegar), mangos and papayas are all very good for dogs with arthritis.

   5. Get Your Dog a Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Traditional veterinary treatments of canine arthritis and degenerative joint disease typically include supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery, or a combination of these. But recently, Stem Cell Therapy, which is a type of regenerative medicine, has become more common.

Animal Stem Cell Therapy uses Stem Cells from either your pet (known as Autologous Stem Cell Therapy) or another animal of the same species (Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy). A veterinarian injects the Stem Cells into the diseased area, such as a knee joint damaged by osteoarthritis.

The cells move to the inflamed or damaged tissue, suppress the inflammation, relieve pain, and cause new tissue to grow.

This new tissue is more like the original tissue than the scar tissue that would typically grow in an untreated inflamed area.

The industry has seen good results in cases for treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease in the hip or elbow, hip dysplasia, calcifications, common degeneration, and inflammation with dog arthritis natural remedy.

If your dog has a case of arthritis or some other degenerative joint disease or soft tissue injury, Stem Cell Therapy for dogs can not only help to deal with your friend’s pain but might also stop the progression of the disease or condition. Thereby improving the quality of your fluffy friend’s life and in the same time yours as well.

Contact us, if you are in need of Stem Cell Therapy for your pet’s treatment, and our specialists will help you!

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